An overview of fractions in fifth grade

With the adaption of the new common core learning standards, many new topics have been brought into the classroom causing both students and teachers to have to learn and develop new ideas along with confusion and anxiety of new topics. Within the fifth grade standards, fractions has been big push. Students are expected to not only know and understand the concept of a fraction, but be able to complete operations with fractions as well.

Being in a fifth grade classroom has proven that fractions are a topic with difficulty for students. Constant struggle causes anxiety among students leaving them frustrated and disappointed in themselves. Teachers, as well, become equally frustrated as they cannot spend extra time on topics due to the demanding common core standards and pace.

This project has been derived to give teachers a new outlook on a different approach to teaching fractions. With a focus on active learning, small group instruction, and hands on learning activities, this project focuses completely upon the successful mastery of fractions within each and every individual student. Multiple adaptations are also included to include all ability levels and needs of students. The goal of this project is to assist in taking a difficult and tricky topic and turn it into something easily achievable and simple to understand.


One thought on “An overview of fractions in fifth grade

  1. WOW! I have been pulling my hair out trying to teach fractions and I think this will be a huge help to me. Fantastic layout and very hands on approach! Do you have other units available?

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